RF Technology or Electroporation

Electroporation: A Technology used in Gene Therapy

What is Electroporation?

Electroporation is a  medical therapeutic method that transmits cosmeceuticals directly into the dermis ( skin) without needles. The phenomenon is known as electroporation from the words electric and pore.
Electroporation is a pain free treatment with no downtime..You can literally walk in at lunch time and walk out with younger looking and firmer skin….. Why wait!?

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It works by  creating a space between cells and opens the cell membrane.
Then the cosmeceutical solution can penetrate into the skin directly- and when the electronic pulse of the RF machine is stopped, the space between cells closes.

It used in the delivery of lifesaving drugs and beneficial genes directly into human cells. Three decades ago researchers discovered that briefly applying an electric field to a living cell causes a transient permeability in the cell’s outer membrane. This permeation is manifest by the appearance of pores across the membrane.

Electroporation is now common in cancer therapy and as a DNA delivery method in Gene therapy and DNA vaccination. .
Short, high-voltage pulses can have dramatic and reversible effects on the skins electrical properties. During a pulse, skin resistance drops as much as three orders of magnitude within microseconds. This alteration in skin resistance exhibits either complete or partial reversibility within minutes or longer. At relatively low voltages (<30 V), this drop of skin resistance can be attributed to electroporation of the appendages (e.g., sweat glands and hair follicles).

For human non-medical cosmetic application, efficacy and sensation are the important criteria. The results of studies illustrate that there are at least four factors that influence these important considerations: formulation and its corresponding pH value, electrode design, electrical parameters, and skin site. For cosmeceuticals, the preferred formulation is both stable and has a neutral pH. The stability of the formulation determines the period of time over which the collagen or derivative thereof will be active in the skin to accelerate pro collagen processing to collagen and deposition of collagen in the cell layer.
From the standpoint of customer comfort, the less irritation the product causes, the more acceptable it is.

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